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How to Remove Stinky Smells in Your Sewer

Indoor plumbing enables us to flush the waste away from our household. But there are also instances where problems occur inside these pipelines and the next thing you know you are already starting to smell stinky sewer odors that can go straight into your house. Apart from […]

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Is It Finally Time to Change Your Toilet?

Everyday, you use the toilet and for many, replacing it is the last thing on their mind unless it is really not working anymore. But why wait to experience such hassle especially since it is one of the most important elements in your household plumbing. Although toilets […]

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Why You Should Fix Water Pressure Problems

Most homeowners are not too concerned with household water pressure especially since there is a pretty much big range for what is known to be as just the right amount of pressure. But there are also different instances where the pressure can be quite extreme and that […]

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Unclog Your Gutters to Avoid Floods and Leaks

People often experience floods and leaks due to clogged gutters. And if you haven’t used the rake this season, it is now time to make the necessary cleaning. From falling leaves to other things that can fall straight into the gutter, you need to get rid of […]

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Natural Bathroom and Drain Cleaning Recipes

When buying a commercial drain cleaner, do you read the ingredients? Since cleaning solutions make use of ingredients and even chemicals, it is just natural to be cautious when buying a cleaner. Some of the chemicals brands use bleach, acids, lye and other ingredients depending on the […]

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How You Can Stop Toilet From Running

Are you experiencing problem with your toilet? Is it running? Not that it is really running and you have to catch it, but you should definitely act on it right away to stop any leak and to avoid any further damage that can incur you more costs. […]

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How to Deal with Hard Water

If you happen to live in areas where hard water is common like for instance in North America, it is such an annoyance. People who have lived their life in areas without mineral sediments do not experience or not aware of hard water problems. But what happens […]

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How Do You Retrieve Items That Went Down the Drain?

Have you ever experienced having an item that went down the drain? This can happen with just a blink of an eye. Many experience their engagement rings that they took off prior to dishwashing or even earrings that vanished into the bathroom sink. What happens if you […]

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Clogged Drain? – Tips To Fix That!

Clogged Drain? – Tips To Fix That! Everyday, we use the shower and there might come to a point where it gets clogged. It is a common problem especially when people who use the shower have long hair. There are ways to get rid of clogging like […]

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Get Rid of Mold and Mildew in your House

Homeowners would definitely find ways to make your home clean and comfortable. But then even experienced housekeepers may find it really challenging whey they have to deal with mold and mildew. They often breed in damp areas and in specific areas like bathrooms and basements. These areas […]

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