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Floor Drains

Floor Drains

In establishments where there is heavy usage of water such as restaurants andcommercial kitchens, the clogging of floor drains tends to occur rather frequently. Industrial facilities such as manufacturing plants, storage facilities and warehouses; and dry cleaners, livery cleaning service and laundry service establishments, also tend to have this problem. Floor drains in all these establishments need regular cleaning and maintenance to avoid health and environmental hazards. When the floor drains are in good working condition, one need not worry about the smooth operation of the business as this will continue uninterrupted.

To ensure that your floor drains are working in an efficient and proper manner, Pro-Rooter offers the best drain care service. Pro-Rooter is a full-service drainage cleaning company that is well-equipped to deal with all commercial and industrial floor drain issues. Please call us at 435-635-FLOW to schedule a Pro-Rooter technician to address your floor drain needs.

The Clogging of Floor Drains

The floor drains found in restaurants and commercial kitchens over time become dirty and clogged with the accumulation of food particles, oil, dust, grease and other debris into the floor drain along with dirty water. Furthermore, overflow water from sinks contain soap, detergents and other pollutants which permeate into the floor drains compounding the problem of clogging, pipe corrosion and growth of bacteria.

The most common cause of a clogged floor drain in industrial facilities would be the large amount of pollutants and toxic substances from mop water that also cause pipe corrosion. The frequent mopping of storage and warehouse floors result in an accumulation of solids and sludge that clog floor drains. Floors in manufacturing plants also become clogged given the substantial build-up of residues from packaging materials and rejected scraps that eventually find their way to the floor drain.

Other places that generate huge volumes of water loaded with chemicals, soaps, detergents, hair and other solid materials such as dry cleaners, laundry shops and livery cleaning services that overload a floor drain and eventually clog it.

The Cost of Declogging Floor Drains

The cost of clogged and damaged floor drains in these commercial and industrial facilities in terms of customer service and financial cost is quite high. The pollutants that enter the floor drains bring about floor drain and pipe corrosion that can cause pipe clogging, pipe leakage and broken or collapsed pipes. This could mean a very costly pipe repair and replacement cost. In addition, clogged floor drains can also cause a build-up of contaminated water, bacteria and germs that can be a health and environmental hazard. These are the reasons why regular cleaning and maintenance of floor drains is critical.

Pro-Rooter has the expertise to handle all floor drain issues, including de-clogging and regular maintenance. You can call Pro-Rooter at 435-635-FLOW for any floor drain problems and we will arrive at your premises with a truck fully-stocked with all the necessary supplies and state-of the-art tools and equipment any time of the day or night. Our professional and courteous technicians have years of training and experience behind them to do what needs to be done expertly, speedily, efficiently and cost-effectively.


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