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How to Remove Stinky Smells in Your Sewer

Indoor plumbing enables us to flush the waste away from our household. But there are also instances where problems occur inside these pipelines and the next thing you know you are already starting to smell stinky sewer odors that can go straight into your house. Apart from it is irritating and an unpleasant smell it poses health risks. So, before things get really worse, you need to find a solution to get rid of it.

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Refill the Trap

One of the usual causes of sewer odors is not too difficult to fix. Most of the time when the obnoxious odor gets into the room, the water trap has become really dry and the way to solve the problem is to have a little water in it. When you look at the sink, you can see a U-shaped bend which is known as the water trap. For people who end up accidentally washing their jewelry down the drain, this is where you get it. The purpose of having a water trap is that it works by holding water. It serves as a barrier between your house and the things that lurk in the pipes.

If there is no running water down the drain for long periods of time, the tendency is for the water to evaporate. This will in turn come to a point where you start smelling bad sewer smells. The easiest solution to this problem is to just let water run and flow freely for seconds in order to fill the trap. Eventually, the odor fades away.

Cleaning the Pipes

There are cases where the problem is not simply about dryness in the water tap. There is a big chance that there’s a biofilm inside the drain pipe. This usually happens in drains and kitchen sinks where people usually wash food and other materials down the drain.

How do you solve the problem? It varies depending on the pipe. You can take away the drain cover and use a long pipe brush to scour inside. Then, you have to spray a mixture that contains bleach and water into the drain. This mixture will coat the inner pipe walls and it can also deodorize the pipes to get rid of bad smell.

Contact a Professional Plumber

If all of these steps still fail and you no longer know what to do to remove the stinky smell, it is now time to consult a plumber. There are problems that you can easily handle your own. However, there are also instances where you can smell something bad in different drains and this is where the real problem starts. For homes that have been vacant for a long time, the key is to fill the water trap. But if the water traps are filled and you still smell the terrible odor, there is a much bigger problem in your sewer system.

Only a professional plumber knows how to properly diagnose the problem and only a plumber has the tools to make sure that you will not experience having to smell obnoxious odors. Plumbers use camera to carefully look into the pipes and see that the real problem is. In worse case scenarios, they may even have to dig in the yard or basement.

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