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Is It Finally Time to Change Your Toilet?

Everyday, you use the toilet and for many, replacing it is the last thing on their mind unless it is really not working anymore. But why wait to experience such hassle especially since it is one of the most important elements in your household plumbing. Although toilets are built to last longer, it helps that you need to know if it is time to replace your toilet. It is just a matter of time for things to start taking toll on it. As bathroom fixtures undergo the wear and tear process, the same things happens to your bathroom toilet.

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How do you know if it is time to make the replacement? Here are some evident signs to watch out for:

Wobbly Toilet Syndrome

One of the signs to look for is when your toilet is starting to wobble. There are cases where this would happen due to the loosening bolts. However, in most cases it can be attributed to a rotten floor below the toilet which is often a result of water damage.

To confirm if the problem is brought about by water damage, you have to remove the toilet entirely from the floor. This does not have to be too difficult to do as you can confirm if indeed there is a leak in your toilet. Then again, even if let’s say the toilet is just okay, you might want to make the necessary upgrade to prevent any problem in the long run.

Leaks and Cracks

With regular use, toilets are prone to cracks and leaks. You notice that toilets over time have hairlines cracks forming in various parts. The thing with cracks is that they get bigger in time and they can cause more problems like leaks. And since your toilet holds water, even if there is a small leak, it can cause a problem later on.

A professional plumber can easily locate the cracks and make the repair. Yet, there are situations where the problem is already severe and that the best solution is to finally replace the toilet. You can always rely on the expertise of the plumber to examine and assess as whether your toilet needs repair or replacement.

Check the Flush

There has been changes and improvements ever since the creation of modern flush toilet. In the recent update, toilets have to follow water efficiency standards. It occurred way back in 1994 when bathroom toilets flush 1.6 gallons. But if your toilet is flushing more water, not only does it goes to show that your toilet is really old, you need to consider finally replacing it with a new one to be water efficient.

In fact, if you want to save water, you can find different models of bathroom toilets that have low flush ratings. For example, there are toilets that flush 1.28 gallons or even much lower. Some bathroom toilets also have dual-flush feature which can use full flush (solid waste) and partial flush (liquid waste).

Style and Comfort

Let’s face it. Everyone wants to have a nice, clean and stylish looking bathroom and if your toilet looks really dirty and old, it affects the over-all look of the area. If you are planning to remodel your bathroom then you can also replace your toilet and find a model that best fit your style and needs.

Keep in mind that comfort and style will always be important considerations when it comes to bathroom fixtures. If you feel like it is time to replace the old toilet, then by all means you should.
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