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Natural Bathroom and Drain Cleaning Recipes

When buying a commercial drain cleaner, do you read the ingredients? Since cleaning solutions make use of ingredients and even chemicals, it is just natural to be cautious when buying a cleaner. Some of the chemicals brands use bleach, acids, lye and other ingredients depending on the type of cleaner. By using these cleaners, you can get the job done. However, using these products that contain chemicals pose risks since they can damage the pipes.

Instead of using cleaning solutions that use harmful chemicals, you can use natural ingredients that are considered to be less expensive. You can actually give this DIY cleaning solution a try. You can resolve the problem without the need to use these chemicals. The natural drain cleaning ingredients that you can use include white vinegar, salt and baking soda.

To do this natural cleaning recipe, use 2 or 4 liters of water. Heat the water in a kettle or on your stove. Afterwards, put salt about ½ cup. Put this solution down into the drain. Wait for about 15 minutes before trying the fixture.

If you need a much stronger cleaning solution, you can use baking soda. Put in ½ cup of baking soda into the drain. You can also add ½ cup vinegar. By combining these two ingredients, you get to have a cleaning solution that will surely clean out clogs. Just wait for about 15 minutes and you can pour hot water to remove any residue.

Natural drain cleaners will work the best if you use it on a regular basis. If you do not like the smell of using vinegar, you can just use lemon. The two have the same acidity effect. On top of that, using lemons is also a good way to deodorize the area.

But when using these ingredients, you should be mindful of the precaution. Do not put vinegar after you have already tried a commercial drain cleaner. Combining these two together can result to fumes that are dangerous to your health.

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Other DIY Bathroom Cleaning Recipes

As with other cleaning recipes, you can definitely have the flexibility to mix ingredients. For instance, if you combine water and baking soda and put it in a spray bottle, you have a good cleaner. You can just use ¼ baking soda for every ½ gallon water. If you want to have better scent, you can use lemon. Put some lemon juice into the solution and your bathroom looks clean and smells fresh.

What about cleaning the bathroom mirror? You can just mix about 1 tbsp of lemon juice along with ½ gallon water. Put this solution in a spray bottle and then scrub it using newspaper. Some will use paper towels, but newspaper is better to have a shining mirror.

By using these natural cleaning recipes, you can avoid having to use harmful chemicals that pose health risks and can damage your bathroom. Instead, you can use DIY cleaning recipes.

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