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Drain & Sewer Cleaning

Drain & Sewer Cleaning

All these problems can be easily and expertly dealt with by Pro-Rooter. Pro-Rooter has not only the expertise but also years of dependable and reliable service to assist you with any emergency drain and sewer cleaning service at very reasonable prices. Pro-Rooter is the best choice as we have a track record of being fast, affordable and trustworthy. Available 24/7 with ample skilled technicians, Pro-Rooter is qualified to correct all your drainage problems.

De-Clogging Service

The inside of pipes are oftentimes clogged by the accumulation of grease, soap, detergents and sludge and one of the services offered by Pro-Rooter, is the de-clogging of drains and sewers. The clogging of these drains and sewers prevent waste water from flowing out and in some instances, can cause flooding which can be a rather exasperating and grimy experience.

Pro-Rooter is a well-experienced local drain professional who is well-equipped to quickly determine the source of the problem with your malfunctioning pipes and to have your drain and sewer in proper working condition in short order. No matter the magnitude of your plumbing problem, that is whether it be a simple or difficult problem, Pro-Rooter uses various procedures and has the required equipment and tools necessary for the task to deliver high quality performance. So if one has a rather complicated drain and sewage problem, Pro-Rooter definitely has high powered tools such as a high-pressure water jet to apply and rectify your plumbing problem.
Some of the procedures Pro-Rooter uses in getting your drain and sewer free-flowing again are:

  • Cabling or snaking
    This procedure uses a metal cable loaded with spring which is spun at a high speed while being inserted into the drain pipe. Cabling or snaking is used as the first attempt to rid the pipes of small obstructions such as food bits, hair particles, and in some instances, tree roots as it relates to bigger pipes.
  • Augering
    A procedure similar to cabling, but in this instance, a smaller tool called an auger is used. The auger was specially designed for toilets and urinal clogging and is introduced through the drain pipe to recover or force something through a “trap.”
  • High-pressure water jetting
    A high–pressure water jet powered by a pump attached to a hose with a specially made nozzle is used in this procedure, to flush out all the grease, soap, sludge and other built-up matter in the pipes of a home or industrial building.

Fast, efficient and affordable, Pro-Rooter is armed with the necessary skilled technicians and professional tools to effectively clear your drains and sewers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that waste water has free passage through your drains.


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