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Faucets & Sinks

Faucets & Sinks

For most homes and establishments, faucets and sinks are part of the water supply system, important fixtures that have to be installed. A faucet is a device which is actually part of the plumbing mechanism that regulates the flow of water through the pipeline into the home. Known also as a spigot or tap, faucets can be rather stylish and work in unison with sinks. They can be found in the kitchen, bathroom, utility room and anywhere else in the house or establishment where running water is used and both are subjected to leaking problems.

Noise-Making Faucets

Faucets have been known for making loud, irritating and unusual noises which is an indication that they have developed plumbing problems. Noises such as squealing, whistling and even screaming can be heard coming from faucets which may be disturbing to one’s ears. These ear-shattering noises can be caused by:

  1. Pipes being too small to have water flow smoothly through them
  2. Pipes having become constricted due to the formation of scales in older homes.
  3. Washer that is either the wrong size washer or a washer that is not held securely to the stem
  4. The metal threads of the stem are binding against the faucet’s threads
  5. The stem threads or faucet body threads have become worn

Pro-Rooter Your Faucet Fixer

For any dripping and noise-making faucet, Pro-Rooter can fix it. Pro-Rooter has qualified, skilled technicians and the necessary tools and equipment to repair any problem with your faucet.

At Pro-Rooter we can take care of most of the drips for you.

  • Stop faucet from dripping and screaming
  • Patch up leaks in sinks
  • Seal off sinks with waterproof sealant
  • Fix broken faucets
  • Change totally damaged faucet and/or faucet parts
  • Replace outdated sinks
  • Fix leaking pipes under the sink

At Pro-Rooter our skilled technicians and the proper tools and equipment that will make quick work of your leaky faucet repair.

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