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Garbage Disposers

Garbage Disposers

An electrical disposal unit that one may find or have installed under their kitchen sinkbetween the sink drain and trap is a garbage disposer. This electrical unit grinds waste food into pieces small enough to smoothly pass through the plumbing system. Waste water from the dishwater and sink will also drain through these pipes into the plumbing system.

Clogging of Garbage Disposers

Unfortunately, garbage disposers get clogged even with proper usage. The disposal of grease, oil or fat; fibrous materials like onion skins, celery stalks, artichokes; large meat bones; and coffee grounds into your garbage disposer are most likely to clog it. These food items damage the blades as well as the motor resulting in the jamming of the disposal unit. This clogging is rather inconvenient as it directly backs up creating mess and foul odor in your kitchen; and indirectly it also affect the pipes of the dishwasher and sink which are interconnected to the garbage disposer.

Repairing an Electrical Disposal Unit

Sometimes, to unclog a garbage disposer a simple push of the refresh button will get the unit functioning again. However, should this fail, Pro-Rooter has the answer to your problem. Priding ourselves with a 24/7 emergency service and highly skilled drain care professionals, Pro-Rooter is able to provide you with quality service no matter the size of the task. So no matter your place of business – home, department store, realtor, municipality, Pro-Rooter will quickly arrive to fix your garbage disposer and your dishwasher.

Other problems associated with your electrical disposal unit are:

  • Garbage disposer does not drain or grind
  • Garbage disposer leaks, grinds feebly or is noisy
  • Dishwasher does not drain

So whatever the reason as it relates to a drain or sewer problem, simply call Pro-Rooter and we will be to your rescue with our qualified and skilled technicians, all professionally capable of quickly and expertly addressing your problems.


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