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Leak Detection

Leak Detection

A leak in your home or establishment can be very costly if left undetected for a period of time. Most leaks are hidden, thus detecting them for repair is difficult whether it is a water or gas leak. Water leaks, if undetected, may cause rotting and other costly damages not to mention an increased water and sewage bill; while a gas leak is even more hazardous to your health and environment as it releases invisible toxic fumes into the atmosphere.

Pro-Rooter is your water and gas leak detection experts, if you suspect leakage anywhere on your property, our well-trained water and gas leak detection experts will visit your property to assess the situation. Equipped with the latest methods and devices for plumbing and gas leak detection, wherever there is a leak, Pro-Rooter’s experts will definitely find it.

Pro-Rooter Expertly Detecting Leaks

Pro-Rooter prides itself for not only having a staff that has the requisite expertise and experience, but professionals who are able to apply the latest leak detection methods to locate the most difficult hidden leaks.

Detection Methods

  • Electronic pipe location is a method using electronic equipment or devices to detect leaks
  • Moisture sensor and surveillance is helpful in determining the source of the leak as it examines the flow of water supplying the property. It provides information on the abnormal presence of moisture and the level of moisture in the pipes.
  • Pinpoint audio location is also called sound localization and is used to pinpoint exactly where the sound is coming from, which is also where the leak is located.
  • Pressure check is done of the water pressure to determine if there is a water leak in the system by filling the pipes with pressurized air and seeing if the pressure levels are too high or low.
  • Visual assessment is a method that requires years of training and experience in leak detection and Pro-Rooter is armed with leak experts who can easily identify most or all leaks just by walking through and inspecting your property.

Detection Tools

  • Fiber optic bore scope is a device used for the visual inspection of pipes between the floors and within walls without the need to drill or cut holes through them.
  • Thermal laser gauges heat through surfaces such as a concrete slab.
  • Thermal camera similarly detects leaks through visual inspection but without necessarily opening walls

Available on call 24/7, Pro-Rooter is your leak expert who can accurately locate and repair any plumbing or gas leaks on your compound in no time at all without destroying your floors or walls. We have all the necessary tools which are used with the most modern leak detection methods to guarantee you high quality service.  For all your leak detections, please call us at 435-635-FLOW.

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