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Storm Drains & Catch Basins

Storm Drains & Catch Basins

Storm drains are part of a drainage system and designed to hold or drain away excess water from heavy rainfall or flooding. Also called a catch basin, this drainage system varies in its design depending on whether it is for municipal city drainage and sewer systems; or it be for a small residence installed on the roof. Storm drains facilitate the draining of excess ground water from street gutters, sidewalks, driveways and roofs. Unfortunately storm drains also become clogged with the accumulation of leaves, trash and other debris in them over time.

Storm Drains Preventing Flooding

  • In the Municipals
    Storm drains are primarily installed to prevent flooding whenever there is a heavy downpour and the excess water needs to flow into the sewer system. Flat areas in the municipals such as sidewalks, parking areas, streets and even parks are susceptible to flooding during heavy rainfall as large volumes of water are released into these areas from the street gutters. However, to prevent flooding, storm drains are installed, usually on both sides of a street at the lowest point of the road where water would naturally gather. The storm drain which is actually a giant pipe, is covered with a large grille or grate cover also called a curb inlet to prevent people, vehicles, debris from falling into the storm drain.
  • In Establishments
    Storm drains in the roofs of homes and commercial establishments operate similarly in preventing flooding as they remove trapped water accumulated on the roof. Trapped water is harmful to the roof structure as its weight puts undue pressure on the structure. Storm drains are therefore installed on the roof to drain off the excess water which is directed to the street gutters and flow into the municipal or town sewer system.

Storm Drains: Cleaning and Maintenance

Catch basins are specially designed to collect heavy sediments and small objects from entering the main sewer system and avoid clogging of drain pipes. Storm drains can be rapidly filled with falling leaves in municipals, homes and commercial establishments during autumn, causing backups, puddles of water and even street flooding during a heavy downpour. To prevent flooding, storm drains must be regularly cleaned and maintained so that they won’t be filled up with debris and garbage and as declared by the EPA catch basins should have an annual inspection to determine if they require cleaning.

To prevent storm drains from causing possible flooding, they should be subjected to regular inspection and maintenance. Pro-Rooter is the company for the job as we offer expert municipal and commercial storm drain inspection and cleaning services. Proper storm drain maintenance involves cleaning of the grille or grate covers as well the catchment basin’s bottom on a regular and periodic basis which Pro-Rooter expertly and expeditiously delivers. Please call us at 435-635-FLOW.

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