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Tree Root Removal

Tree Root Removal

Trees are important to our natural habitat as they beautify and provide shade to the landscape.However, trees can be expensive and frustrating as their roots penetrate the sewer pipes for water and nutrients essential for their growth; these roots trap all waste matter flowing through the pipes and so, become responsible for many sewer blockages and damaged pipes. Pro-Rooter is a highly experienced drainage company with the necessary expertise to deal with stubborn and destructive tree roots. We have all the tools and high-tech equipment needed to permanently get these roots out of your drain pipes.

Tree De-Rooting Methods Used by Pro-Rooter

  • Drain snaking rooter with auger
    Drain Snaking Rooter with Auger uses of a drain snaking rooter that has a rotating auger connected at the end of the cable. The rotating auger slices roots to open up the drain allowing the water and waste to flow freely through the pipes. The downfall to this method is that the roots can regrow and the only solution is to have Pro-Rooter do regular maintenance of the pipes using this method.
  • Video Camera
    Video camera line inspection uses a waterproof, high-resolution video camera that is inserted on a flexible rod which is directed through the pipelines to identify where the stubborn tree roots are and the extent of the damage to the pipelines. This method though costly, may be the only one that identifies pipe damage caused by tree root encroachment and one that does not cause any damage to your property in identifying the source of the encroachment. After the necessary work needed to remove the tree roots and repair the damage it has caused is completed, this is again verified with the use of the video camera.
  • Water jetting
    Water jetting removes tree roots from drain pipes using a high pressure water jet system. This method washes away the obstructive tree roots from the pipes by blasting streams of high–pressured water through the pipes.

Pro-Rooter applies all these methods to repair the damage caused to your pipes by the tree roots. We are available 24/7 to do this for you. Call us at 435-635-FLOW.


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