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Video Inspection

Video Pipe Inspection

Video camera inspection is the newest, most effective and cost-efficient way to determine the condition of your sewer pipes and lines. And Pro-Rooter offers video camera line inspection to its customers to find out what the problem is with their sewer pipes and fix it for them in the fastest, most efficient way at a very reasonable price.

What can go wrong with sewer pipes

Sewer pipes frequently get clogged with grease build-up, sludge, roots and other “foreign objects.” This usually results to slow flowing drains or even a total drain or pipe blockage. Pipes also break, crack, develop fissures or even get crushed and this can cause a lot of problems. Leaks from the damaged pipe can cause a back-flow and even flooding that is not only messy and a nuisance but also a health hazard.

To prevent such disaster from happening, Pro-Rooter can regularly inspect the conditions of your pipes with the use of a video camera. If there is already obstruction, blockage or damage to the sewer pipes, expert Pro-Rooter technicians can locate it fast with the use of the video camera and apply the most appropriate repair technique to get your pipes working perfectly again.

How a video camera line inspection is done

A video camera line inspection allows for an instantaneous visual inspection of underground sewer and even plumbing pipes to uncover the condition of the pipes. This is done by attaching a high-resolution video camera at the end of a cable that is inserted into the pipe. The video camera records its journey through the pipes and document its finding via video images sent to Pro-Rooter’s experienced camera operator who in turn will determine what the problem is, where the damaged pipe is located and even how deep down the damaged pipe is. The video images can be saved to form part of the customer’s records and can be used for future reference.

Once the problematic pipes are found and the extent of the damage determined, the most appropriate repair/replacement technique will be done by Pro-Rooter’s expert contractors in an efficient, safe and cost effective way.

Pro-Rooter can also offer you a preventive maintenance plan. The plan or agreement will involve a regular or periodic line inspection with the use of a video camera as well as routine cleaning and scouring of your sewer lines to ensure that major pipe problems that are not only very upsetting but also expensive to repair are avoided in the future.


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