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The Safe and Easy Biological Way to Keep Your Pipes Clean and Smelling Fresh!

Citrus Fresh & CleanTotal-C

Total-C™  is a product that with water soluble formulation and it contains ingredients that can produce fresh and pleasant citrus scent. It also produces sludge-eating bacteria that work at eliminating odor sources so that your drains smell fresh all the time. Just a small amount can go a long way to help you maintain an odor-free atmosphere.

Total-C™ can also be used for precautionary maintenance treatment so that you can be guaranteed that no organic materials like fats, greases, detergent and soaps are not going to clog your pipes.

US patent pending formula

Total-C™ is available exclusively from drain specialists and plumbers.

Total-C™ is a product that has the right combination of all-natural citrus-based liquefiers and active enzymes that comes with organic oil eating bacteria that can emulsify oil, fats and grease instantly with no alkaline, solvents or harsh acids.

 Great for Use in Disposals!

Enhances drain flowcleaning-supplies

Improves drain flow

Disposal cleaner & refresher

Degreases kitchen drain

Cleans and refreshes disposal systems

Keep Your Drains Clean and Free-Flowing

Drains clog and that is a very simple fact. It is not possible to have a drain that is clog-free forever. Kitchen drains are prone to food waste build-up, while bathroom drains can clog with build up caused by hair, soap, toothpaste and more. If truth be told, all drains will eventually clog. All you can really do is to prevent clogs from reoccurring too quickly.  This means you need to keep the drains clog free and fresh smelling with Total-C™. Follow these simple tips:

Sewers cleaning-products

Your sewer line problems can happen when there are structural problems or when the lines deteriorate. Clogs can also be caused by the tree roots that can grow in the central sewer line. If you can identify the problems early on, you effectively save money and you will not suffer any inconvenience.

Kitchen Areas

• Wiping out grease from pots and pans with paper towels is a good way to prevent buildup in the pipes.

•  Since liquid fats can solidify in the drain pipes, they can cause clogs and it is a better idea to avoid rinsing fats down the drains.

• Running lots of hot water through waste disposer is a good idea to prevent clogs.

• Using Total-C™ once a week is going to keep your drain running properly.

Laundry and Wash Roomssafe-cleaning

Using moderate amount of detergent and soap

Use a biodegradable detergent.

• Regular cleaning of lint trap

• Adding lint and hair traps.

Using Total-C™ regularly


Do not store small objects near the toilet.

Using toilet paper.

• Do not flush sanitary napkin, diapers, facial tissue or tampon down the toilet.

Always make sure that the toilet is properly operating.

Regular cleaning of strainer.

Total-C™ is a specialized drain maintenance product that is designed for household septic and drains systems use.  It does not only keep the pipes unclogged, it also keeps the drains smelling fresh.

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