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Auto Dose System

Pro-Rooter Auto Dose System

Preventing plumbing problems before they actually happen is a very good idea and an inexpensive method to do. The problem is, it is sometimes not that easy to remember when to do routine maintenance chores.

Pro-Rooter offers different options for preventative maintenance services for commercial applications. The auto-dose system is one of our most affordable and most effective services. This system distributes the exclusive Total-C Drain Cleaner into the plumbing system at scheduled intervals to remove build up from pipes without any negative environmental impact. If you need this kind of service, you can call 435-635-FLOW and have an expert clarify how auto-dose system provides benefits for businesses.

How the Liquid Total-C Works

The Total-C is an effective drain cleaner available exclusively from Pro-Rooter. Unlike some harsh drain cleaners available in the market today, this product uses live bacterial emulsion in attacking and removing build-ups that usually occur in commercial establishment.

This product is the best weapon in treating problems with grease, fat, proteins, paper and carbohydrates. It is good in removing organic waste away from the pipes and in controlling odor. It is also good in restoring normal biological activity in the septic tank, which means that there is less need to clean the tank. This product that is exclusively available from Pro-Rooter is guaranteed 100% bio-degradable.

This cleaner effectively works when manually discharged down the pipes, but since that can sometimes be hard to remember, the auto-dosing system was developed.

How Auto-Dosing and Liquid Total-C Work Together

Preventative maintenance is effective in drastically reducing plumbing repair costs. If you can keep your drain clean and clear of clogs it will be very much possible to save money on water bills and you can also prevent potential back-ups in the system. The best and most cost effective way to achieve this is through the regular application of a product like Total-C Drain Cleaner.

When the drain cleaner is used in combination with the auto-dose unit, you will have the privilege of having clogged-free and clean drainage system without all the hassles of doing any manual task.

Pro-Rooter guarantees that your business will be analyzed thoroughly and that you will know exactly the needed quantity and frequency of dosage needed to ensure that your plumbing and drain systems will run smoothly. This is the kind of hands-off approach that no other cleaner and system can provide. With this product and service you can be assured that once you contact us, you will never have any clog problems in the future. For more information on this unique and exclusive auto-dosing system, you can get in touch with us through 435-635-FLOW.

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