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Drain & Sewer Cleaning

Drain & Sewer Cleaning

It is a fact that every kind of plumbing system can develop blockage or clogs over time. There is really no way to prevent build-ups of different objects and items inside the drains like sludge, leaves and grease. When clogs build-up inside the pipes, you can bet that you will encounter some annoying problems. Aside from that, you may also encounter problems with the sewer system, again probably due to foreign object that this time may have been flushed down the toilet. When this happens, it can only be expected that there will be equally bothersome issues in your system.

If you are tired of having the same sewer and drain problems, it is about time to get the best professional help and Pro-Rooter comes highly recommended. Pro-Rooter is truly dependable and it has been providing reliable services for many years. It has products that can guarantee effective and affordable drain cleaning. Our services are available 24/7 and you can expect our skilled technicians to handle all your drainage issues.

De-clogging Drains and Sewers

There are several services offered by Pro-Rooter and one of the most availed is the sewage and drain de-clogging service. It is a very common problem that grease, fats, detergents and soap accumulate inside the pipes and this could eventually cause clogging. Clogged pipes or drains prevent the proper flow of waste water that can eventually result to flooding. This is a very stressful and messy problem.

If you are dealing with blocked, clogged, bad smelling, or backed up drains you can expect Pro-Rooter to get to the root of the problem, evaluate the needed solution and then make sure that all your sewer and drain problems are solved in no time. Once we have dealt with your sewer and drain problems you can be assured that everything in your sewer and drainage will be in perfect working condition. At Pro-Rooter we have the right tools and equipment for all kinds of drainage and sewer cleaning. We have tools for simple clogging problems and we also have high-powered tools like high-pressure water jets that can really clear up complicated clogs and blockages. Pro-Rooter services come with the guarantee that we will do our job with the expertise that can only provide the best results.
The following are some of Pro-Rooter service procedures:

  • Cabling or snaking
    In the need to clear up small drain pipes of small objects like hair or food bits, and the tree roots from bigger pipes, a procedure called snaking or cabling should be used. The process begins with a spring loaded metal spun at high speed as it gets inserted right through the pipe in order to discharge whatever it is that is clogging the pipe.
  • Augering
    Augering is another procedure done where an auger (specifically designed tool for toilets and urinal de-clogging) is used. The process is similar to cabling but an auger is a smaller tool.
  • High-pressure water jetting
    With the use of high-pressure water jet, it is easy to flush out stubborn soap, grease and sludge from the drain system.

In order for these procedures to be done efficiently, it requires skills and knowledge on how to use them. And with that said, you can be assured that Pro-Rooter can provide the technicians, the tools and the best service.


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