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Leak Detection

Advantages of Commercial Leak Detection

One of the most complicated plumbing services out there is leak detection. The reason is simple; it’s too hard to find out-of-sight leaks. This is true for both gas and water leaks. For plumbing leaks the process can be expensive and messy while gas leaks can often be hazardous.

If you think that you have a water or gas leak on your property, it would a good idea to call Pro-Rooter at 435-635-FLOW. At Pro-Rooter, we can assure you that we can provide you with the experts when it comes to water or gas leak detection. Our courteous and well-trained water and gas leak detection technicians are going to inspect your property in order to properly assess the situation. They do not just come with their skills, they also bring with them all the necessary up-to-date devices and tools needed for gas and plumbing leak detection. If there is indeed a leak, our experts will find it; whether it’s a subtle leak or one that is buried deep.

Methods used for Pro-Rooter’s Leak Detection

At Pro-Rooter we can assure you that we only use the right tools and appropriate devices that can help us locate any gas or water leak. We have all the right tools that can serve every purpose. We also have well-trained gas and water leak detection experts with years of servicing experience.

The Rooter-Man’s leak detection methods and leak detection tools include:

  • Visual assessment – Pro-Rooter has experts that can identify leaks easily by doing a simple walk through of any establishment. With a visual assessment we can instantly recognize the problem and thus we can come up with the next step.
  • Pressure check – Pressure checking is another method we use to know if there is indeed a leak in the system.
  • Moisture sensor and surveillance – Our experts also perform this process in trying to determine where the leak is. It is the process that helps in providing the right information on the location of the leak as well as its level.
  • Fiber optic bore scope – Pro-Rooter also makes use of this device for proper inspection of the pipes imbedded between walls and floors. This means there will be no need to drill or cut holes.
  • Thermal laser – This tool estimates the heat through surfaces like concrete block.
  • Thermal camera – This tools is used in detecting leaks using a visual inspection process.
  • Pinpoint audio location – Also called the sound localization, this process allows the experts to detect leaks by listening to the sound of escaping gas or water.
  • Electronic pipe location – This is another useful method in trying to detect leaks.

If you suspect that there is a leak on your property, you should not hesitate to call for professional help. And this is where Pro-Rooter comes in. The best thing about this company is that you do not have to wait for a decent hour to call. This means that if you smell or sense the leak even at the most indecent hour, your call will be answered and your problem will be provided with the right solution. Call us at 435-635-FLOW and help will be on the way.

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