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Smoke Testing

Smoke Testing

Purpose of Smoke Testing

If you think that you could be experiencing sewer odor, sewer gas or if there are possible hidden leaks from your drainage system, you may have to avail of Pro-Rooter’s smoke test.

The drain pipes that run under the floors and through the walls may crack or break – if not now, then probably at some time in the future. When this happened the crack can create an opening for sewer gas to penetrate your home. There are times that cracks can be seen by the naked eye, but there are also instances that a more complicated process should be used in determining whether leaks are indeed present. This is where video pipe inspection comes very handy. But there are really leaks that can be hard to find and the last resort is the smoke test method.

What Is a Smoke Test?

 A specially designed smoke machine is used for smoke testing and this tool forces the smoke-filled air directly into the drain system.  The process will result with pipes full of smoke. If there are leaks, the smoke will surely come out from the cracks and holes. When this happened, the exact location of the leaks can be seen and the process of repairing can be started. Smoke testing is a proven accurate method and it is being used world-wide as a standard for discovering hard to find drain and plumbing leaks.

Is Smoke Testing Safe?

 One important question that should be addressed here is the safety level of using the smoke testing method. The answer is that it is a safe means to use when trying to detect leaks in plumbing and drainage systems. Pro-Rooter uses smoke that is odorless, non-toxic and non-staining, thus you can be assured that you and your family is safe.

If you are starting to smell horrible sewer odors and you cannot find where the leak is coming from, you should consider calling the experts. This means you need to dial 435-635-FLOW and let Pro-Rooter experts to help you detect where the leak is coming from.


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