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Storm Drain & Catch Basins

Commercial Storm Drains & Catch Basins

A storm drain (or catch basin) is an important part of drainage systems designed to hold surplus water so that it won’t cause flooding and heavy downpour. This kind drainage system management is very important to city or municipal sewer and drainage systems. It is also usually installed in home and building roofs. Storm drains are important so that excess water can be properly and effectively drained from roofs, driveways and streets. It is a fact that storm drains are very susceptible to clogs due to accumulated debris, leaves and trash.

It is important to make sure that storm drains are in good condition so that potential problems like flooding can be effectively avoided. This means that storm drains need regular cleaning and maintenance and you can expect Pro-Rooter to do these services efficiently and fast. For commercial, municipal and residential storm draining needs, call us at 435-635-FLOW and we can set up the best routine maintenance schedule for your storm drains.

How a Storm Drain Works

During heavy downpours it can be expected that flat areas in town will be flooded. Gutters release a large amount of water to the streets when there is heavy rain and this could also lead to flooding. To avoid flooding, installation of storm drains has become a necessity. Generally, a catch basin is a huge pipe covered with curb inlet.

Storm drains are installed to collect trash and garbage so that these materials can be prevented from entering the sewer system. When there are no foreign objects inside the sewer system, clogged drains are not going to be a problem.

Storm drains installed in the roofs of buildings operate similarly. Usually big flat roofs need storm drains to remove trapped water from the roof. The weight of excess water is very harmful to roof structures during heavy downpours. To prevent such problems, the roof should be installed with a storm drain so that excess water can be properly drained.

Maintenance and Repair of Storm Drains

To avoid storm drains or catch basins to be filled up with excess water or foreign materials, they require regular inspection and scheduled maintenance. The EPA requires that an annual inspection be performed on storm basins in order to know when they need to be cleaned. Proper storm drain maintenance involves periodic grate cleaning and regularly scheduled cleaning of the bottom part of the basin.

At Pro-Rooter we can provide emergency and regular storm drain cleaning, inspection and maintenance. All you need to do is to call us at 435-635-FLOW.

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