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Video Inspection

Commercial Video Pipe Inspection

The most cost-efficient and effective way in determining your sewer lines and pipes conditions is through video camera pipe inspection service. And if you are looking for a reliable line inspection video camera, Pro-Rooter is the name you can trust when it comes to fast, efficient and affordable way of fixing all your sewer pipe and line problems.

Common problems with Sewer Pipes

Some of the most common sewer problems encountered by homeowners include clogging due to grease build-up and clogging due to presence of different objects like roots, leaves and sludge. When this happens, there could be pipe or drain blockage or slow-flowing drains. There are instances that the pipes may crack, break, get crushed or develop fissures – any of these instances can cause several pipe problems. Leaks coming from damaged pipe could result in back-flow and/or flooding, which can be really messy, annoying and can be a health hazard.

To prevent such things happening, you should trust Pro-Rooter to regularly inspect your pipes’ conditions using a video camera. If damage or blockage to your sewer pipes is already in existence, you can expect the expert technicians of Pro-Rooter to locate it with the use of a video camera and then utilize the most suitable repair technique so that you can have pipes that are perfectly working again.

How a video camera pipe/line inspection works

A video camera pipe/line inspection offers an effective way of instantaneously doing a proper visual inspection of the underground sewer and plumbing pipes. This is an important process because it uncovers the pipe’s condition. The process is performed by attaching the high-resolution video camera to the tip of a cable that will be pushed into the pipe. The video camera is going to record its trip through the pipes and it is going to document everything that it will see. The images that are going to be captured will then be sent to the camera operator. The expert is then going to see what the real problem is as well as the areas of blockage and how much damage the pipe has suffered. The images are then going to be saved for future references.

As soon as the problems are discovered and the extent of damage is determined, the best repair/replacement techniques are then going to be undertaken by the Pro-Rooter experts – in the most effective, safe and cost-efficient means.

Aside from the repair and replacement services, Pro-Rooter also offers preventive maintenance plans. These are agreements that are going to involve regular/periodic line inspections (using video camera), routine cleaning and sewer lines scouring to make sure that there will be no more problems.


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