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Unclog Your Gutters to Avoid Floods and Leaks

People often experience floods and leaks due to clogged gutters. And if you haven’t used the rake this season, it is now time to make the necessary cleaning. From falling leaves to other things that can fall straight into the gutter, you need to get rid of them as soon as possible.

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For many, cleaning a gutter is something they want to avoid. But the good news is that although it can be quite a hassle, cleaning your gutter even just twice a year can be a big help to avoid experiencing water damage. This is important to prevent water damage that often occur at the basement and roofline.

So how do you avoid these problems?

Just imagine this there are different debris, leaves and other things that can fall into your gutters like for instance seeds twigs and leaves. There are also trash being carried away by the wind that end up in your gutter.

As these debris and dirt continue to clog you gutter, the very first thing that might happen is that your roof will experience water damage which means that it can destroy your shingles fascia and even your roofline.

This also gets worst especially if there is a heavy rain as water will come at the top of your gutter and go straight to your house. This forms trenches at the edge of your house which can result in a such an unpleasant mess. Aside from rainy season, this can also be a problem during summer as it can attract insects and mosquitoes as they become more rampant in stagnant water.’

But it does not stop there, if your gutter is clogged the water tends to saturate your soil which can put a big pressure on the home’s foundation and even to the walls in your basement. This will cause cracks that can get worse over time.

Cleaning Gutters

Cleaning gutters twice a year goes a long way especially when you do it in spring and in fall. However, if you have a home surrounded by trees and plants then you need more cleaning especially during the fall season. If it is raining, always look at the gutters to see any signs of clogs.

Cleaning the gutters does not have to be difficult but it can be really messy. Before you start with the gutter cleanup, make sure that you have prepared the necessary tools that you need. Make sure that you have the ladder with you and it is properly placed on the ground. When cleaning, use comfortable shoes that will not slip out. Use an empty bucket to collect any dirt or debris during the cleanup. While cleaning, always have hand gloves and use a hand rake or trowel to collect the dirt and debris.

After you are finally done with the cleaning, the next step is to ensure that it is flowing freely. You can have a hose to clean and wash it. If it does not move freely then there might be a clog that you need to clear. If there is a downspout clog, you can just use your hose with full pressure. Just remove the bottom part of the downspout. Another alternative tool if ever the hose does not work effectively is to use a plumbing snake which is always one of the best tools to get rid of clogging.

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